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Enjoy the adventure of biting into a scrumptious, gourmet biscotti while savoring your favorite morning coffee! Apple, lemon, cranberry, and orange are simply bursting with flavor, while the dark chocolates answer the siren call of your hunger. Can’t decide which one to choose? Try our teaser packs of two until you find your favorite.

Natural and Organic Ingredients

The ‘Nutritious Difference’ is not just a tag line or marketing slogan. Little B Biscotti® provides the best available ingredients to create tasty and highly nutritious biscotti (twice-baked Italian cookies). We also offer two delicious biscotti that are gluten-free.

We use farm-fresh, cage-free eggs. All of the sugar, flours, and many of the other ingredients are organic and have no preservatives. The baking powder is aluminum-free and we cook with sea salt. Every recipe also has a touch of organic honey. Your eating experience is even more enjoyable knowing that you are giving your body something nutritious! Little B Biscotti® is shipped to you packaged in biodegradable, cellophane bags so your order is not only fresh, but also friendly to the environment.


One dozen = $20.00   Half dozen = $11.00   Taste pack of 2 = $4.00

Featured Biscotti

Apple Cinnamon

Apple cinnamon biscotti are like biting into a piece of apple crisp or homemade apple pie! Full of flavor and the cinnamon-sugar topping is a favorite among customers.
Apple Cinnamon :

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